Sunday, 2 September 2012

Love, humility and laughter

His love for God was evident in everything he did. His willingness to work, and love for each and every one of the children that adore him was so, so beautiful to see. Children would see him, and shout his name and have the biggest smile.

It was as if everyone knew him, and they trusted him too.

I can't explain how amazing he was with these children. There is no way to describe it, but it was definitely a gift from God.

I can't do him justice with my words, he inspired me so, so much, he led the JUICE ministries we did, which involved songs and a drama, and to be honest I don't think they would be what they are if it wasn't for him. He manages to create this amazing atmosphere, and you can feel the love for God reverberating around the room, its as if its flowing out of all the children and bouncing off all the walls and then gushing out of the windows into the village around.

He wasn't the only one. I wish you could meet her, she is so, so beautiful inside and outside, she is so quietly peaceful, perhaps you don't notice her at first, but when she laughs, you just can't miss it, her laugh is so, so beautiful and so very contagious. Without knowing what is funny everyone is laughing, because they just want to join in with the joy she has. She is so humble, and so supporting, and so loving. Her heart is so beautiful, and so is she, although she wouldn't believe me when I told her how beautiful she is.

There were so many incredible people we met in the Dominican Republic, these are just two of them.

People's favourite question recently has been, 'what was the best thing about the trip?' I do struggle to find a highlight because it was all so incredible, but truly I often answer, 'the people I met, they were just so inspiring'.

I want to go to work and not just do what I'm paid to do, but put in everything I have, use every gift God has given me, so that His love is jumping round the room and exploding out of the walls. I want to love God to the point that other people can just see it in my face, and hear it in my voice and feel it in my actions. I want to have humility flowing through all my actions, I want my smile to spread like fire, I want my laugh to be heard as the laugh of joy, the laugh that people just don't want to be left out of. And I want to be able to willingly support people right from their core.

These are the things I want to learn to be like. These are the things I saw in the DR, and wow, I was blown away.

Beautiful, beautiful people. I miss them so, so much.