Thursday, 2 August 2012

"Dream bigger."

I said, "Dream big." And my friend replied, "Dream bigger."

It didn't really mean anything, but then it did.

I lay there in my bed and thought about my dreams.

My plans, my ideas, my hopes.  These are the things that make up my dreams.

But what I ultimately learnt when thinking about it all that night was that these dreams of mine, they're just not big enough.

No matter how big, how extreme, how wide, how exciting I try to dream.  I just can't dream big enough.

I try.  I try really, really hard, but I just can't do it, my dreams really aren't big enough.

My mind is too limited.  My imagination is too confined.  And, as I sit here and look out at a grey-blue expanse of sea, I am realising that in just over week, I will be flying away.  Away to another corner of this grey-blue expanse, except in that corner, the grey will most probably have gone and the expanse will just be blue.

But whether it is grey-blue, blue, green or even red, that expanse of sea is the same.  It may be the same, but still, it is so, so much more than I can even fathom!  I cannot possibly get my head around how deep, and wide, and wild, and beautiful, and full the seas are.

If something that I can sit here and look at is so much bigger, and so much more powerful, and so much more beautiful than I can think about, then what of things I can not even see?

My dreams are big.  I have big ideas, and hopes and desires, so it is easy to be disheartened.  It is easy to begin to wonder if these things I dream of will ever be achieved.

But God steps in, he always does.  He gives me hope where I was losing it.

He reassures me that no matter how big, or extreme, or exciting my dreams are, His plans are even greater.

If I  drop everything and follow Him, even my biggest dreams will look boring, for His plans are truly magnificent, and wonderfully unimaginable.

So, as I dream big, I need to realise and remember that all in me is limited until I let God do His work.

He says, just as my friend said, "Dream bigger."

And as I wander through all this beauty of the beach and the views and the streets and the cars today, I am in awe and wonder of His mightiness, His creativity, His marvellous-ness, and truly, dreaming bigger feels like a reality.

And as I dream bigger, I still can't even touch the edge of God's plans for me.

Wow! I am excited and thrilled and so, so, so happy to be alive.

Dreaming bigger... today and always.