Saturday, 21 July 2012

The eternal week...

The Churches in my town are joining together.

For this week Churches from across my town are coming together to put on a series of events for all different ages.  The plans for this started such a long time ago, and an unbelievable amount of work has been put into it.  For the few weeks particularly, everywhere I have looked, I have found someone stressing over it, trying to get it all sorted.

Today it begins, the first event is this evening and I can feel the anticipation in the air!

God has booked the sunshine for us, and it is shining bright!  This week is going to be amazing, very busy, but definitely amazing!

I think there is something we all need to remember though, this work, this Kingdom work, we have booked in this week to do it, but actually, this work is life-long, this work is for every minute, every moment, of every day.  This isn't something you signup to help for, for a week, and then turn away for the rest of the year, this is work for every day.  As you go about your lives, your normal life should be Kingdom-work.

We are building the Kingdom, and one day the King will return and wipe every tear, but He is here now too, helping us with the building, restoring us, and working through us to restore others.  As we do this work, for this week and forever more, all glory is His.

So this is me, saying this is for You, God.  All glory is yours, and we give this week into your hands, we thank you for the sunshine, and we say this week and forever more is for you.