Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Sunday the 1st

I had the most amazing day on Sunday.  I felt loved and cared about.

In the morning I met some students who have come to England from South Africa.  Many of whom have never travelled to a town, let alone another country.

In the afternoon I celebrated my birthday.  In fact, my birthday is not for a month or so, but the summer is coming up, and I wanted to make sure as many people could come as possible.

I had a picnic, it was amazing! I wasn't really sure who would turn up, but my Gran thought there was about 100 people there.  People from all different areas of my life came together, and I had the most amazing time! The South Africans attended too, and we had a good game of rounders with them.

I wandered between each of the people, shared cake with them, and generally had a good time.  It was amazing to spend time with family and friends, to have so many people altogether.  Inevitably there were people missing, and they were missed greatly, but I was amazed at the number of people who came.

The weather was good, yes it did have a bit of a drizzle, but it soon cleared up, and, surprisingly, I am even sunburnt.  As people sat, shared and ate together, I could not help but feel happy.

In the evening I went to see the South Africans sing together, they were incredible.  I can't explain it.  they sent shivers down my spine, and made me want to jump for joy.  They made me smile from ear to ear, I was physically exhausted, but they made me feel invigorated.  Their voices reached to the skies, I could feel the atmosphere in the room, it was like nothing else.  All I could think was, we spend hours in this country trying to find amazing singers, and here they are right in front of me, these amazing people, who are from a little place, tucked away in a corner of South Africa, but their voices deserve world-wide renown.  They were amazing.  They were beautiful.

The day ended as I chatted to my friend.  She made me cry.  She showed me just how loved I am.  She showed me why I should never feel lonely ever again.  She reminded me of why I live.  She revealed to me the magnificence in the day.

I had the best day in all the world on Sunday, I met with people.  New people, and people I've known forever.  People I love.  Wow! It was amazing.  I am blessed to have so many lovely people in my life.  I will never feel like I'm wandering and stumbling through life, ever again.  God has put all these people around me, and I can feel them reaching out their hands and holding me up, keeping me standing, helping me along.  Thank you for them.