Monday, 16 July 2012

I found God, right there in the silence of the city.

'I have been to so many places.  I've explored towns and beaches, coves and caves, seas and rocks, villages and buildings.  But here it is.  It is here in the city that I've found God

I've found Him right here, right now, in the quietness of the city.  And He is beautiful.'

I spent two days in the city.  I was looking after two young children, but once they had gone off to school, to learn, I had a couple of hours to learn myself.  I took myself off, me and my bag, and went to a park.  I went and found a tree I liked the look of, pulled off my jumper, laid it on the ground between the spreading roots, sat on it, and found my book from my bag.

I sat and looked around, I watched the people.  I almost felt invisible, without me, all would still have been the same in that place: there are runners, and cyclists, people out for a stroll, people on their lunch break, school children out for the day, there are people sitting, people looking, there are all these people.  They create a gentle hum of activity.

And there was I sitting and watching.

I opened up my book, it took me a while to find where I had left it. 

The following day, I did the same.  This time, I found another tree, in a little area of many trees.

I sat and ate, and texted, and then I opened my book. 

That book changed me, over the two days, in those hours when I was free to just sit, to not think about what I needed to get done, I could just sit and contemplate, and reflect.

This time allowed space for the book to change me.

The book showed me God as Beauty. It taught me about trust, and love, and thanks, and eucharisteo.  'One Thousand Gifts', by Ann Voskamp, I am yet to finish it.

On that second day, I had moved tree many times, after getting uncomfortable, realising one was crawling with ants, and just wanting a change.  As I came to the end of the time I had, I reflected and prayed upon the things I had learnt.  As i got up and slowly placed my feet back along where I came, winding between the trees, I could see Beauty.  I could see Him in my journey of that day, as I read the book.  I could see Him in the trees.  I could see Him in each of the people.  I could hear Him in the silence.  Beauty was there, and I met with Him.  I found Him, and I was in awe, I was in awe and wonder, and on top of the world. I walked with Him, and through Him, and on Him, and below Him.  I walked on Holy ground.

And it was beautiful.

My chase for the moon came as a stroll between the trees.

And it was beautiful.