Saturday, 28 July 2012

Giving thanks in whispers....can you hear them?

"Its rising up all around... Its the anthem of the Lord's renown...and together we sing!" - Holy is the Lord, by Various Artists.

Can you hear it? It starting as a whisper, whispered between the children, they're sharing it with their parents, the grandparents are whispering it too.  Can you hear the whisper and whisper and whisper?  It's building up, growing louder.

His renown is incredible.

We are joining together.  Holding hands, it started as a whisper, but I can hear it growing louder.

Young and old, proclaiming, singing it aloud, shouting it aloud, 'THIS IS OUR GOD'.  Together we shout it out.

We are shouting it from the rooftops.

Join with me, together the whispers grow louder, and revelation and restoration is coming.  I can hear it in the whisper.

The expectation is there, the excitement, the joy, the true peace, the real, real love.  It is coming, and I can hear it.

Can you hear it too?

We are giving thanks in whispers, whispers through the trees, and it is becoming an incredible change, an incredible, amazing, marvelously wonderful restoration, radically returning us to what we were created to be.