Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Take, eat.

This is my body broken for you.

Take, drink.

This is my blood shed for you.

Imagine knowing you are going to die.  Knowing how you are going to die.  Knowing you are going to die for the people who are going to kill you.

And the night before, you give instructions for others to follow, so that they remember you.

2000 years later people are still coming forward.  Taking and eating, taking and drinking.  Are they remembering?

Crucifixion has been said to be the worst way to die.  Nails driven, bang... bang... bang... bang... through each arm.  And then through your feet too bang... bang... bang.  Your own body weight causing you to suffocate, desperately gasping for breath.  It is excruciating pain, unimaginable.

This is the stuff of nightmares, although I don't think I could dream of this.

A man, was born, lived and then died.

It sounds simple enough.

In fact there is no simplicity in it, God stepped down from His throne.  He limited Himself as one of us, this man was fully human and fully God too.

This man performed miracles, not of His own power, but of God's.

This man lived a faultless life.

This man died, blamed for sins he had never committed.

He died for me.  Can you believe that? He died for me.

A rude, obnoxious, stubborn, impatient, easily-angered, girl.  He died for me.

He died for you too.  No matter what you've done, what you say, however you mess up, He still forgives you.

He died in place of you.  He died to remove your sins from you.  He died so that God could have a relationship with you.

He went through unbelievable pain, for you.

I never want to forget this.  I never want to forget what a man went through for me.  I follow His instructions, each time I am offered bread, I take, I chew, I remember.  I am offered the wine, I take, I drink, I remember, I thank.

I always thank.

Here I am broken, and lost.  There He is.  He died for me.  He gave me restoration and took me home.