Sunday, 8 July 2012


I know, a few weeks ago I was posting everyday.  My life suddenly became busy and I wasn't sure what to write about.

I have spent the past few days with my friends in a tent and walking and chatting and laughing and playing games and falling off chairs.  As I am sure you can imagine, we all had an amazing time.  It rained, in fact I think it rained for probably around 7 hours without stopping, I am not sure exactly but it was not the best part.  But ignoring the rain, the campfire, the walking, the food, the party rings all made for a great few days.

Tomorrow I go to watch one of these friends get baptised.  I am yet to write her a card, or get her a present, but I can't wait.  I love baptisms.  They are so beautiful, but as I think about this one tomorrow I sort of see my life, I am reminded of my own baptism and I'm brought back down to my knees before His throne.

It is so easy to get caught up in life, in the everyday rhythms, the ups, the downs, the laughs, the tears but remembering that day just over a year ago, when I went under the water brings me back to my knees.  That is where I want to be, and where I want to stay.  Sometimes it feels easier to keep walking, to not stop, to just 'get it over with', but in fact falling to your knees brings restoration, and hope.  It is preparation for what is to come, and the best thing for the now too.

Tomorrow, I have to go to a different Church to where I usually go, and I have to meet new people, of course I find this scary, but I cannot wait.  I really would not miss this for anything.

Baptisms say, 'I am a Christian, I want to die to my old self and live my new self.'  Baptisms say a lot of things, but, for me, the overriding thing is their beauty.  Someone puts their trust into someone else, to push them under water, and bring them up again.  I was asked a lot when I got baptised, 'Why is it that you want to get baptised?'  To be honest, I never really knew what to say, I thought it was obvious, I don't think you need tons of reasoning or ideas, I think you just need to want to say, 'I am a Christian, I trust in God, and this is part of my journey.'  Being dunked under water did not make being a Christian any easier, being dunked under water did not make me behave like an angel all of a sudden, being dunked under water did not make some huge, massive change, did not make huge beams of light flash in front of me, or anything extreme.  But it was part of my journey, and it did take me another step further forward.

As I watch my friend take another step forward, I will watch in the confidence that she will be an amazing woman of God.  I know that anything she does for God's glory will be incredible.  And I know that she is a truly blessed, beautiful girl, who I love, and am so, so grateful to be able to call her my friend.

Me - under the water