Friday, 8 June 2012

Those moments.

Today I opened the laptop and it had a huge crack down the screen. Well, the actual, physical, screen is fine but the pixels have been totally screwed. The screen has all these fuzzy lines across it and it continually flashes.

Its like a picture of my life, this week things just kept going wrong. One thing after another, my life felt like it was tumbling down. I just kept going, there wasn't really much choice. When things go wrong I do have to keep going giving the outward appearance of being physically fine, but in fact my pixels are completely mixed up, everything is falling apart and there is a huge crack through my life.

Ok, so in fact my life is actually pretty amazing, I am just feeling worn out, and when things go wrong I do feel knocked down. I am learning to turn to God in everything, and hand over these things. As I sit here staring into a flashing, cracked, broken screen, I realise there is nothing I can do. There is only one way to fix that laptop, the screen would have to be replaced. However my life, do I need to be replaced? Absolutely not, God is not looking to replace me, He is not looking for a perfect person, with no errors to come along and take my place.

God loves me but not my sin, that doesn't mean He wants to replace me, it means He wants to work with me, helping me to get better, to stop sinning and to start showing love, and grace and forgiveness.

Things aren't ever going to be perfect in my life on this earth, because I live in a world full of pain, and suffering, and rubbish, but there is a light in this life and He's calling me His child, welcoming me home, and loving me, building me up and filling me to the full.

Absolutely, there are times when I feel broken, cracked, and smashed, but it is in those moments that I turn to God, and I see a glimpse of the full extent of His love.

His unconditional love.  His incredible love.  His love with no boundaries.  His unconfined love.  His limitless love.  His unimaginable love.  His love beyond measure.  His indescribable love.