Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Thank You God!

On Friday, I told you of the laptop breaking (Those moments.). Today I share my celebrations with you as we can, once again, use it.  Not because it has been miraculously fixed, but because we have been lent an extra screen.

God gives what we need, I feel so overjoyed, this simple lending of a screen will mean that there is less stress in our house, and everything will run just that little bit smoother. Thank you God for your gifts and blessings!

The screen made me feel so refreshed, it kind of came as a crack or break in my life was healed.  I felt like this continued from my previous post about the laptop, as it demonstrated the new, refreshed, unbroken eternal future we are offered through Jesus’ death.  There are moments in life where everything just seems to fall apart, but God brings restoration into those moments, and gives us new opportunities, to move further.

Thank you God for giving us the screen.  When the laptop broke I prayed, and you have answered.  Thank you.