Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Perfection in creating.

I like to make things. Maybe it’s in my blood, I do not know, but I like to make things.

I don't really mind how I do it or what it is, a birthday card, a video, a cake, or a party. I like to make things.  I have this desire to create, it’s something that's a part of me.  I don’t think this is particularly unusual, I think everyone likes to make, or design, or create things.  The difference is the thing that they are making, I say I don’t mind what it is, but I cannot create a beautiful piece of music because I don’t have the talent.  We all are gifted into being able to create in different things.

You spend hours planning, designing, finding, putting together, but every single second is worth it, because at the end amazing things can come.

The most devastating thing is when it goes wrong, when you put all the hours and days into something but it ends out a disaster.  This could put you off ever doing something again, and yes sometimes it does, but more often, out of that devastation I find a new vigour and determination to perfect my creation, to make it what it should be, I try again and again and again until I see perfection.

Perfection? How to define it.  Personally, I think that perfection is not attainable, if you fall into the trap of believing that perfection is something untainted, something that fits the mould, something that is the same as every other thing of ‘perfection’.  However I believe that perfection is absolutely attainable, once you have removed yourself from that trap and you start to look for what you find perfection to be.  When I make a cake for my Mum, does it matter that it turns out with a huge gaping hole in the middle because I did not leave it in the oven for long enough?  Yes, it does if your idea of perfection is something that meets the standards and conforms with everybody else.  But my Mum, she saw beyond the gaping hole, saw the work I'd put into it, and tasted just how great it was, she saw perfection.

Perhaps the dictionary definition of perfection deems my ideas of it to be wrong, however I think that if everybody reached the dictionary’s perfection they would still try to reach further, the dictionary idea of ‘perfection’ is simply unattainable.  No matter how much time we put in or how hard we work, there is no way we can strive for ‘perfection’ because we will never be satisfied in what we reach.  We will always find something else wrong.  If it isn’t a huge gaping hole, it’s a letter being wonky, or a bit of icing positioned at the wrong angle.

Why do we like to create? I believe it is because we are made in God’s image (Genesis 1:27) and have you seen how much God loves to create? The stars, the sky, the mountains, the sunsets, the galaxies, the flowers, the giraffes, the ladybugs and every single person out there.  Each is individual, and although some people may say that God’s creations are ugly, God says they are good (Genesis1:31).  God delights in us, and loves us (Psalm 18:19).  He knows everything about us (Matthew 10:30) for he created our inmost being. 

I love to create and make. I particularly love to create and make things that take me one step closer to God’s kingdom come.  I love to use my gifts for God’s glory, for it is from Him that I have them.

I love to make things. I never want to lose that. I love to make things, for God.