Monday, 25 June 2012

In the Summer...

Summer, it’s fast approaching.  For me, it starts on Thursday!  After a year of work, summer becomes the thing you long for and wait for.

This year my summer is particularly packed.  Its planned in great detail, and a lot of preparation has gone into it.

But all this busy-ness makes it really easy to forget things.  The loss of a routine makes it easier to stop noticing God, to stop looking for Him in everything.  But this year I am saying, ‘God, here it is, my time for you, my free time, what do you want me to do with it?’

Previously, I have written of the mission trip I am going on to the Dominican Republic.  2 weeks away from home, with people who I’ve grown to love.  I cannot wait!  I am going to come home exhausted, I know, but I hope I come home changed, inspired and energised by the things I see too.  I hope it makes the fire in me burn even brighter!

For different people summer can mean so many different things.  This summer I very much hope that the long-awaited sunshine will appear.  Perhaps, for once, I may even get a suntan, but more likely I will forget the suncream and end up as red as a tomato. Flowers, and daisy chains, and hayfever.  Yes, with the good things of summer, there are the not so good things too.  As I go away for holidaying, unfortunately I miss my visits with Church.  I miss those scheduled in times to devote to God.  I miss those times spent with other Christians.  With the joys of holidaying I’ll miss some things I love.  But I will take my Bible, and I will use my holidaying, I will sit and read, and I will make my own Church, in the fields, in the hills, on the beaches, in the sun, and in the rain, in the tents in the buildings.  This summer I will take Church with me.

What is summer for you?  What are you going to do with yourself this year?  Where is God going to be in it? 

Summer is my time to rest and recuperate; it is to give me time to just have fun, have a laugh, and to stop worrying for once.  I am going to be busy this year, but I want to make God the top.  I want time with friends, barbecues, and picnics, but most of all I want Him at the top.

Summer is when the sunshine comes
Summer is suntan time
Summer is the smell of flowers
Summer is daisy chains
Summer is hay fever
Summer is for holidays
Summer is for days at the park
Summer is for shorts
Summer is for flip flops
Summer is for bonfires
Summer is for BBQs
Summer is for time with friends”
~ By Rachel Southwood, a beautiful girl with a beautiful heart.