Sunday, 17 June 2012

In honour of my Dad…

Many people know my Dad, and sometimes I feel like I have to share him a bit too much.  No, he isn’t perfect, but I remind him of that way too often.  Yes, he does annoy me a lot, and he knows it.  But absolutely, I wouldn’t swap him for the world! He is my Dad, and I love him.

Tomorrow it is Father’s Day (well, today really).  In recent years, I have started to find Father’s Day more and more annoying.  Every time I am instructed, ‘No getting grumpy, no getting annoyed, I want everyone to be happy.’  I do not like getting told to do something; I am not sure that many people do really.

It feels like there is this forced ‘nice’-ness, making me ‘behave’ for one day just to make my Dad happy.

What am I saying? Forced, why should they even have to ask?  There should be no reason or cause for them to ask me to be ‘nice’ and to ‘behave’.  Why should there be arguments at all?  “Just for my Dad”, just?  He is someone who has watched me grow from a beautiful, happy baby into a grumpy, grouchy, wanting-to-be-left-alone young person. 

Dad, I know it hurts you when I don’t want a hug, I’m sorry.  I want one really; I’m just ruffling my feathers, trying to be bigger, and more individual than I really am.  I’m sorry that I get annoyed so easily, one day I will learn to be more patient.  I’m sorry that my reply to you is often a grunt, or to completely ignore you.

We are all human, we all make mistakes, and we’re all still learning.  We all argue, feel annoyed, don’t get on, want to be left alone, want to be bigger, and more grown up than we really are.  I’ll start in a small way this Father’s day, I will smile and say, ‘I love you’.  Perhaps, by next Father’s Day, I’ll have changed a bit, I will be more me, and less grunting-unloving-person-who-shuts-themselves-in-their-room, but even if I’m not, I know you will still love me.

Dad, you inspire me with your drive to not give up, your passion to keep spreading God’s word, your love for giving out Bibles, and your never-ending reel of ways to make enough money to live, and still go into schools at the same time.  If I have received anything from you in being half made from your genes, I hope it is your love for a laugh, your passion and drive to keep going, and your unending love for family.

Thank You for never stopping loving me, through the good, and the bad, through the tough and the easy, through the screaming and the smiles, the tantrums, and the laughs.  You always told me to, ‘Never forget that Mummy and Daddy always love you’, I promise, I never will.  And never, will I stop loving you.

I love you Dad.

I thank God for my parents often, they are a support system, that without I do not have any idea where I would be.