Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Idols, what I think...

I wrote this last night, I've been finding it hard to decide whether to post it or not, I feel like it is very judgmental, it makes too many assumptions, and is rather bias.  However if I didn't post it I would be lying, because I am quick to judge others, I do make assumptions, and I am an extremely bias person.  This is me, and I am working on it to change, and here is what I think of idols...

It is my sister’s school fun run soon.  The school usually does some sort of fancy dress idea, this year they have asked students to go dressed as their idol.

What sort of culture do we live in to encourage this? What are the values behind this?  What are we actively encouraging young people to do?

This actually all depends on who these students see as their idol.  However considering many of the popular, and famous people of today, are not, in my opinion, very good role models, I do not think that many students see their idol as someone who we should be encouraging them to be like.

Many people who are put on a pedestal above the rest of us do not have values I would agree with, they often do not dress appropriately and are involved in things that are harmful, such as drugs and heavy drinking.  I know that these are not things the school would want to encourage, but by asking students to dress up as an idol, who and what things are they asking them to look up to and respect?

Also, this word, ‘idol’, it is a word I find hard to like, God says, “You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below.” (Exodus 20:4)  So by encouraging students to dress up as their idol, I see that as either asking students to dress up as God, or to put someone else above God.  I cannot agree with either of these.

Ok, so maybe I am taking this to the extreme, but I am not willing to say that this is fine.  My sister is in a dilemma, she is in the position of having no clue as to who or what to dress up as.  She says, ‘Why can’t I go as me?  I am happy being me; I don’t want to be anyone else.’  Why does she have to find an idol in somebody, to dress up as them?

I think the way in which the society we lives in puts some people on a pedestal, because they are prettier, thinner, more-talented than anybody else, is wrong.  This want and desire for fame should not be encouraged.  I think we should be encouraged to be who we are, not to try to be like somebody else. The school is not committing a crime, I think it is important to look up to people and respect people who are good role models, but perhaps the school could teach students what a good role model is, show them people who can be looked up to with admiration from all, rather than letting young people

I live in a system and a society that I often disagree with, I am not a complete anarchist, but personally I find that some things just cross the line.  I am not quite sure where that line is; perhaps, asking students to dress up as their idol, on the face of it, isn’t actually that bad.  But when you look at who you are asking these young people to find an idol in, and the fact that you are asking them to find an idol at all, I think that that line has been crossed.

Let us find hope in who we are, and look at God for inspiration, for He is the top.  Let us not desire to be someone else because of their fame, money or how they look, but to find our own strengths, to build our own characters, and to use what we have to bring glory to God.  Let us find role models in people who value things that should be valued, who take part in activities that are not detrimental or damaging.  Let us look up to, and respect people who lead the way in bringing hope, and change to this very broken world, people who aren’t spending their time making money, but are spending their time helping people, finding the lost, feeding the hungry, freeing the oppressed.