Saturday, 9 June 2012

Change or Restoration?

There are many things I can cope with.  I can just breeze through, without stress things that others would spend hours planning, and working for but change, I simply cannot cope with it.

Change hits me like a slap in the face, and I am stopped in my tracks.  I find it hard to look change in the eye, and to know what to do.  It is inevitable, the world is always changing.

There is a part of me that wants to always have stayed a child, to have never grow up from imagined-games, inviting friends round to ‘play’ and the beautiful innocence that comes with being a child.  Its that part of me that struggles the most with change, how am I meant to cope with getting older, finding things out about life I never knew existed and the world moving on?

It seems ironic, didn’t Jesus die to change the world?

Jesus did not die to change the world, the world was changed at the beginning of time, when sin brought a divide between God and man.  Jesus died to make a way for the relationship between God and man to be made whole once more.  To be restored.

'Radical' can mean going back to your roots, restoring what once was.

Jesus made a way for radical restoration.  He takes up our burdens, and puts them onto the cross.

Times do change, and the world moves on, but Jesus is my rock, standing firm through and through.  I do want to bring change, but not unknown change, I want to play my part in restoring what once was.  I want to play my part in God’s kingdom come.

I don’t like change but with God I can face anything.  I do not want to stay stuck in ways that are detrimental, and if change brings hope, I am not saying no.  It is hard to face things that you don’t like, but I know I can.  So I am leaning back, falling into the Father’s arms.  Trusting in His love, thanking Him for His grace.