Friday, 15 June 2012

A Building Block.

Recently, I have been reading the book of James.  Not for any particular reason except that I like the name James. 

“Come near to God, and God will come near to you. “ James 4:8

For me, I have gone through different stages of reading the Bible.  When I was younger, there is no doubt, it seemed like a story book, I absolutely understood that these stories were true, they were about real people, and real lives, but it still seemed like a story book. 

As I grew older, I moved on from the illustrated Children’s Bibles to other versions.  I did read many different versions, managing to collect somewhere in the region of 17 Bibles.  But did it really help? No. I understood how to get around the Bible, finding specific verses quicker than anyone else in my group on a Sunday, and I knew the stories and the facts, but I still didn’t understand the depth and the truth behind the words that I knew so well. 

It does not matter whether you have one Bible or 322, if you don’t understand the life and meaning behind the words, they may as well sit there and rot.  In 2 Timothy 3:16, Paul tells us how ‘All Scripture is God-breathed’ or ‘inspired by God’.  Just as God breathed the world and all of creation into existence, so He breathed these words, there is life in the words, meaning and truth. 

As I have got a bit older many different people have taught me about the Bible, showing me the most amazing passages, and helping me to understand and learn from them.  Very recently, I made the decision to read the Bible more; I chose to start with the book of James.  It is a short book, written, in my opinion, to encourage, rebuke and build up.  It covers many topics in a clear and concise way.  I think that the book of James is a very active book, it says just how to live out your faith in everyday life.

I would love to quote the whole of the Bible, unpack each verse in the way that I interpret it, but actually my interpretation of the Bible, is best for me.  It’s good to share our views and ideas with each other, but that will only work if you go and get your own views and ideas.  As I start delving deeper into God’s word, I start to have more revelations, and dreams and desires.  His word is truly alive, many people have said that the Bible is out of date because it was written 2000 years ago, or so.  I cannot possibly agree with that, I don’t know what Bible these people have been reading, but the Bible that I love to read is the most alive, current and beautiful book in all the world.   The Bible allows me to see glimpses of the King of Kings, it allows me to learn from the things His Son said on earth, and from each one of the many people the Bible tells us about.

I think that the Bible is just one of the many ways to connect, and build a relationship with God.  But it is a key building block in that relationship; it gives us a route to draw near to God.

As I start reading my Bible more, and not just reading it but allowing it to change, build, inspire, and set me alight,  I pray that I will be a "shining light" (A Girl Talk girl) and that my relationship with God will go deeper into the next level and beyond.