Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Stop, relax, breathe and then think - think and find joy.

There was once a grandma who was looking after her 4 year old grandaughter. The grandma suddenly realised she had lost something and started rushing around, searching high and low for it. Amid all this chaos the grandaughter looked at her grandma and simply said, "Nanna, stop, relax, breathe and then think."  The grandma stopped and simply laughed with joy.
If a 4 year old child has enough sense to see a situation and say something like that then why can't we? Often life is so busy, there is always so much going on. When was the last time you had a real break from life? A time to look around, to stop and to reflect, to rest and recuperate.   

It seems to me that people don't really understand the idea of stopping and taking a break, or even stopping to think. People get so caught up in their lives, where they're going tomorrow, who they need to call, the long list of things that need to be done. It often feels like life is an endless struggle to just simply keep going.
I think we could take a lot from that 4 year old little girl.  She is able to take something that seems so big, so never ending, so stressful and simply make it vanish, through her innocence she can see the world for what it is, and find the best solution.  Amid all the chaos and confusion, she sees the answer, "Stop, relax, breathe and then think".  She sees that the rushing around, manic searching and illogical mess, just isn't helping, she says stop.
Do you ever stop? Why not try it? Try and stop what you're doing. Don't just stop but take a breath too, have a break, a real break. Remove yourself from your normal, everyday life and have a break without worrying.  And whilst you're having a break, think. Think about where you're headed, whether that's what you want. Think about what you do each day with each moment and whether that's what you really want to be doing.  Think and contemplate your life and what you want from it, use the time to build up your character, who you are.
Do not forget the joy. Find joy in everything.  Even when you feel like the struggles are weighing you so far down its impossible to get up again, just stop and drop those struggles and find some joy.
"Stop, relax, breathe and then think."
Hand your struggles over to God, stop, keep calm, think and in everything find joy.