Thursday, 31 May 2012

Repairer of Broken Walls.

“I'm giving my life to the only One
Who makes the moon reflect the sun
Every starry night
That was His design” – Starry Night, by Chris August

There is such unbelievable beauty in this world.

The hills, mountains, the sea, the sky, the earth, the towns, the cities, the villages, the farms, the corners of every space, there is beauty everywhere.  If we truly saw all the beauty in the world, we would not be able to mindlessly wander around.  We would not have enough time to get all our work done after marvelling at the beauty.

The reality is that the incredible beauty is destroyed daily.

Within a few square miles of Kolkata, in India, 10,000 women stand in line, selling their bodies to men who visit daily.  Beautiful women, created and loved by God, are trafficked, and sold.  In India, prostitution is big business and thrives on exploitation and slavery, robbing the poor of dignity and innocence. 

Freeset is a charity, and business, set up to help these women see a different way of life.  Many of them do not know any other way of living, as it has been passed through generations.  Freeset gives them hope, and shows them the love and respect they deserve.

“Freeset is a fair trade business offering employment to women trapped in Kolkata's sex trade. We make quality jute bags and organic cotton t-shirts, but our business is freedom!
We would like to see the 10,000 sex workers in our neighbourhood empowered with the choice of leaving a profession they never chose in the first place.” – Freeset

I first heard of Freeset when I bought one of their bracelets.  I have not taken it off since I first put it on.  I decided to make a commitment, I wear it to remind me of how privelaged I am.  To remind me of the thousands, and thousands, and thousands of other people in this world who have no freedom.  Who are sold and are abused.  Each time I look at that bracelet I am filled with a passion and a desire to be a bringer of hope, and giver of life. 

As “I'm giving my life to the only One, Who makes the moon reflect the sun, Every starry night, That was His design”.  I’m also giving my life to the One, who designed and loves these people who are abused and trafficked each day.  He loves and treasures them, and it hurts Him, to see someone who He cares for so unconditionally, used against His design.  It is no good for me to just ignore the problem, because it’s not on my doorstep, this problem is not something I can leave to other people.  I cannot brush this aside.  This is a problem I want to say ‘stop’ to.  “I’m giving my life to the One” and I want, “to loose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke, to set the oppressed free” (Isaiah 58:6).  Each time I look at my bracelet I pray that God will use me, and my life to be a, “Repairer of Broken Walls, Restorer of Streets with Dwellings.” (Isaiah 58:12)  God cares about injustice and He calls us to, too.