Monday, 23 April 2012


Weeds are such nasty things, I can just imagine them snarling at that beautiful flower they're about to strangle.  They get around it, right around its throat, and squeeze.  They squeeze so hard even I can see the flower is choking.  The flower doesn't have any say in the matter, it just keels over and dies, it loses all life, it ends, it goes.
I've never liked weeds, but I've not liked gardening much either, I went through a phase where I loved it, I planted all these seeds, and I remember them growing into these amazing plants.  There is amazing satisfactory in gardening when it goes to plan, but once the weeds have come that seems to be the end.  They just seem to say, 'stop' to life.  And that's why I don't really like gardening, because I don't remember to remove the weeds.  
Flowers and good plants need caring for, they need someone to come along and remove the weeds, to water them and to cherish them.  They need time and attention, time and attention that I often forget about.
It is kind of like life.  When a new baby is born I am filled with this awe and wonder as to what has been made.  This beautiful creation that could, one day, go on to great things, is so perfect, its just right, it is how it should be.  I often think of the many things a baby could become, a changer of lives, a world-builder, someone who others aspire to be like. A baby's future is filled with this unpredictable hope.
But then what about the weeds? Lying, stealing, cheating, slandering, the list goes on.  There are so many things that could destroy that little baby's life.  That 'perfect', 'just right', 'how it should be' baby can become something it wasn't to begin with.  The weeds come along and choke it and bring harm to it, and eventually kill it.  I do not neccessarily mean physically killing it, but spirtitually or personally.  You can exist without living.

There is a difference between existing and living.  Someone who simply exists isn't what they could be, they have potential, its inside them, it maybe a long path to find it, but its there, its just been strangled by the weeds.  Someone who simply exists, could be considered dead, yes they are breathing but if they aren't living how can they be considered totally alive?

Where as living is completely different, I imagine a living person to walk with a spring in their step, heading somewhere, on a route to something good.  That route is not always easy, life isn't a walk in the park, and if it is, its one where you fall in the lake, get pooed on by birds and end up, literally, going through a hedge backwards, but, if you are living, you are heading somewhere good, in a park I think it would be the ice cream van.

What's your ice cream van? Have you even got one? Stop simply existing and start living. Find someone who does know how to stop those weeds, and live how you were born to. Say 'stop' to death and not life, and be a changer of lives, a world-builder, someone who others aspire to be like.
Be you.

My Spirit made you and My breath gives you life.  Job 33:4